"Be a part of the American Dream" 

The American Dream


25 years ago Dan could have guessed endlessly on where his experiences in the United States Marine Corps would take him. Its safe to say  none of those guesses would be owning a classic Southern BBQ joint in New Jersey!

A while back while reliving his Marine days with his wife Katie, over a plate of slow smoked brisket Dan came up with the dream. The dream to own a little place and serve the kind of food that he loves to make and feed to all of his friends.

For us at Red White & Que BBQ is more than just delicious food. It represents a rebellious spirit while still holding fast to old school  American traditions. It's the food we eat when when we come together with friends and neighbors in celebration.

A Celebration of the American Dream fully realized. 




Red White & Que Smokehouse

266 Davis Avenue Kearny, NJ 07032



Mon-Sat 12-9pm or until sold out

Sun 12-8pm or until sold out


Here at Red White and Que we offer a lil' or a whole lot a Que for any size event! Here are our recommendations for creating the perfect menu for your party!

  1. Each person on average will eat about 1/2lb. of meat. example: 100 guests = 50lbs of meat all together.
  2. Take advantage of the customization! If you need 50lbs. of meat order 20lbs. of Brisket 20lbs. of Pulled Pork and 10 Whole Chickens or whichever way you choose!
  3. Our homemade sides are sold in FULL size or HALF size catering trays. Each HALF size tray has 25 servings. example: for a party of 100 people we would recommend ordering two FULL trays of two different sides. This way all of your guests can have a serving of each side (100 servings of 2 different sides).
  4. Give us a call and we will gladly help you customize your menu to make sure you have the right amount of food to feed all of your BBQ lovin' guests!

*We request that any large catering orders be placed at least one week in advance to ensure flawless execution. -Que Crew

"Buy A Veteran A Meal"

Here at The Que we are always searching for ways to give back to the communities that have helped to allow us to be living out our own American Dream. Our "Pay-It-Forward" program was inspired by our customer's shared vision in doing whatever we can to honor our military veterans. In-store we offer Red, White & Que Smokehouse Gift Cards that our customer's can buy and then donate towards feeding veterans some American BBQ! While partnering with the Kearny VFW POST 1302 and Team Red, White and Blue of North Jersey we have been able to contribute meals to several Veterans dinners with our customer's generous donations. For more details or partnership inquiries with your veterans organization please call or email us!   


Now Hiring

Are you ready to be a part of The American Dream?


Full Time and Part Time positions available

With Red White & Que you will learn  how to make exceptional BBQ surrounded by a winning team and positive environment. We are a company that is committed to growth from within and rewarding a job well done. The 

Send all resumes and contact info to: careers.redwhiteque@gmail.com